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The merchandise sold herein does not deviate or depart from typical, non-unique items sold online/offline, including DVDs, videotapes, photographs, and other items that bear The Twilight Zone image/the title of the show. The photographs and other properties appearing on this website are the private property of the owner of this website, and other persons who have donated the properties for display in this virtual museum. Displaying them in public (electronically here) does not violate copyright and is a reflection of both free speech and expression, and display of personal property., Inc. is a non-profit website (revenue obtained from any sales and donations is appropriately applied to the expenses of website maintenance/hosting/domain name registration fees). It was created in the year 2002 for the enjoyment of fans of said television series and as an information source for historians of television. The images from individual episodes are being used by permission of the distributor of the DVDs from which they were obtained. They are non-transferrable.

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