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Note 1: You must be at least 6 times pi years old in order to take this quiz.
Currently known value of pi = 3.14159278
Note 2: The questions are in not quite in chronological order of episode original broadcast airdate. This may or may not help you to answer the following questions correctly. But there is one question from each episode.
Note 3: Feel free to talk during or cheat on this exam.
Note 4: Choose only the correct answer for each of the questions. Do not choose any of the incorrect answers. Doing so will result in serious penalty.
Note 5: Do not use a piece of toilet paper to write down your answers to the following. Instead, use parchment in the style of that used for the Escape Clause.
Note 6: Answers are at the bottom of this page.

1. The movie playing in "Where is Everybody" is
A. "Battle Hymn"
B. "The Savoy"
C. "Twelve O'Clock High"
D. "The Last Man on Earth"
E. "North by Northwest"

2. James A. Corry is convicted of
A. embezzlement.
B. homicide.
C. tax evasion.
D. rape.
E. strangling a saleslady at Woolworth's Lunch Counter.
F. invading a Hooverville community.

3. The name of the peddler in "Mr. Denton on Doomsday" is:
A. Professor Elliot.
B. Jared P. Garrity.
C. Henry J. Fate.
D. Professor Hotaling.
E. he goes by all of these names.

4. Barbara Jean Trenton starred in the film
A. "A Farewell Without Tears."
B. "Cloak and Dagger."
C. "Sunset Boulevard."
D. "The Dukes of Hazzard."
E. "Like Water for Chocolate."

5. Martin Sloan travels back to the year____, give or take one year.
A. 1940
B. 1934
C. 1930
D. 1927
E. 1925

6. Walter Bedeker's occupation is
A. a banker.
B. an insurance salesman.
C. a vitamin salesman.
D. an insurance claims adjuster.
E. an official of the court.
F. never really stated or made clear in the episode.

7. In "The After Hours", you can observe a number of mannequins. Which of the following is/are NOT one of the mannequins that can be observed?
A. a ranch hand cowboy.
B. a blushing bride.
C. man wearing ski mask.
D. a wide-eyed African man bearing a spear.
E. all can be observed.
F. B and C can not be observed.
G. A and D can not be observed.

8. Which of the following is not something Pedott gives to people?
A. scissors.
B. matches.
C. glove cleaner.
D. shoes.
E. he gives away all of these.

9. Finish the quote: "Mister, when you're at the end of a rope, it don't matter if you're one foot off the ground or _______."
A. one-thousand
B. one-hundred
C. fifty
D. one inch
E. one yard

10. Henry Bemis gives Mrs. Chester, incorrectly, ______ USD.
A. $21
B. $22
C. $23
D. $24
E. $25
F. $29

11. The desert where the spaceship crash-lands is near (or in)
A. Niagara Falls.
B. Arizona (Grand Canyon!)
C. Florida (Disneyworld)!
D. Reno.
E. Rapid City, South Dakota (Mt. Rushmore)!

12. Lew Bookman is how old?
A. 80
B. He'll soon be 80
C. 70
D. He'll soon be 70
E. 100

13. The man with the hammer in "The Monsters are Due On Maple Street" is
A. Pete Van Horn
B. Les Goodman
C. Charlie Farnsworth
D. Steve Brand
E. Tommy

14. Johnny Foster was killed by
A. a boat capsizing
B. a homicide
C. a plane crash
D. a train derailment
E. a three-car pile-up
F. a FUBAR man
G. a man who threw him into a river

15. William Sturka is in which division?
A. Chemical Warfare
B. Hydrogen Armament
C. Germ Warfare Research
D. Intelligence Operations
E. Janitorial Services

16. Casey gets beaned, and then retires to become
A. a banker
B. a sports announcer
C. a social worker
D. a doctor for the Hoboken ball club
E. a coach for young ballplayers
F. a psychic healer

17. Finish the quote: "I've got news for you, _______!"
A. precious
B. sweet little rabbit
C. sweetest
D. little rabbit
E. honey
F. precious sweetheart

18. The S.S. Queen of Glasgow departed from
A. London
B. Luxembourg
C. Liverpool
D. Lisbon
E. Timbuktu

19. Lt. William Terence Decker, Royal Flying Corps, arrives on an airbase
A. somewhere in England
B. somewhere in America
C. in Africa
D. in France
E. in the year 1913
F. in Germany
G. more than one of the above is correct

20. Nan Adams is
A. heading toward the west.
B. heading toward the east.
C. heading toward the north.
D. heading toward the south.
E. heading out the door.

21. The salesman in the pawn shop in "A Passage for Trumpet" puts Joey's horn in the window, with a price tag reading:
A. $100
B. $90
C. $25
D. $15
E. $8

22. James B.W. Bevis works at:
A. The Feathersmith Corporation
B. The Hempstead Company
C. The Peckinpaugh Corporation
D. The Richtenbacher Corporation
E. The Shannon Foods Corporation

23. The expected duration of Lt. Fitzgerald's jeep ride is:
A. 1 hour
B. 2 hours
C. 3 hours
D. 4 hours
E. 5 hours

24. Helen Foley pours herself ________ every day upon returning home from school.
A. a cup of nice, hot tea
B. a cup of nice, hot chocolate
C. a cup of nice, hot coffee
D. a cup of nice, hot apple cider
E. a cup of nice, hot Red Bull with a splash of cream

25. Marcusson and Conrad go to:
A. Mars
B. Venus
C. Jupiter
D. Saturn
E. Pluto

26. Samuel Kittridge, colleague and almost father-in-law of Walter Jameson, is:
A. an alchemist
B. a chemist
C. an electrical engineer
D. an epidemiologist
E. an entomologist
F. an archaeologist

27. Flora Gibbs only plays one coin in the slot machine. The coin is:
A. a nickel
B. a dime
C. a quarter
D. a dollar
E. a half-dollar
F. a single, unadorned red cent

28. Gart Williams and his colleagues wait for young employee of the advertising agency named ________, probably due to a big lunch crowd at The Colony or a few martinis at Sardi's East. Mr. Misrell complains that they've been twiddling their thumbs and tapping their pencils in the board room for ________. The account that the 'college greenie' is in charge of is the ________. The kid resigns, and Mr. Misrell tells Williams that advertising is a "Push, push business!"
A. John Ross ; 64 minutes ; Bowling Green Account
B. Jake Ross ; 34 minutes; Bowling Green Account
C. John Ross ; 64 minutes; Bradbury Account
D. Jake Ross ; 34 minutes ; Bradbury Account
E. none of these correctly completes the paragraph.

29. Millicent Barnes is
A. a secretary who quit her job, and is traveling to Buffalo.
B. a secretary who quit her job, and is going to Syracuse.
C. a nurse who quit her job, and is traveling to Buffalo.
D. a nurse who quit her job, and is traveling to Syracuse.
E. going on a bus trip to a parallel world.

30. The home that Edward Hall grew up in had a picture of ________, just like the one in Dr. Rathmann's office.
A. a windmill
B. a wheat field
C. a boat
D. a mountain
E. a lake
F. a kewpie doll
G. Cary Grant

31. Which is true?
A. Arthur Curtis has a wife named Marion and a daughter named Tina
B. Gerald (Jerry) Raigan has a wife named Marion and a daughter named Tina
C. Arthur Curtis has a wife named Nora
D. Gerald (Jerry) Raigan has a wife named Nora
E. A and D are true.
F. B and C are true.
G. none of these are true.

32. The astronauts disappear in the following order:
A. Forbes, Harrington, Gart
B. Harrington, Forbes, Gart
C. Harrington, Gart, Forbes
D. Gart, Harrington, Forbes
E. Forbes, Gart, Harrington

33. Bolie Jackson fights:
A. against Joey Consiglio
B. in St. Nick's Arena
C. with Thomas
D. all of these are true
E. all except B are true

34. Henry Francis "Rocky" Valentine did NOT commit which of the following crimes:
A. slaughtered dog
B. stole items from dime store
C. organized street gang, called "The Angels"
D. broke into Southside Loans
E. shoved midget in front of moving car
F. he did all of these things.

35. Kirby, Webber, and Meyers touch down on an asteroid because they are running out of fuel. The asteroid is called Happy Glades, The World's Greatest Mortuary. It is run by a caretaker named Cecil Kellaway, a jolly little man who "goes on and off like a machine." He's been 'off' for about 200-300 years at the time the men arrive there; which is why he hadn't heard about the (fictitious) atomic war that happened in 1985 on Earth.
Evaluate the validity of this paragraph based on the underlined portions of these four sentences. Yes, this is an intentionally anal question.
A. Sentences 1 and 2 are true; sentences 3 and 4 are false.
B. Sentences 2 and 3 are true; sentences 1 and 4 are false.
C. Sentences 3 and 4 are true; sentences 1 and 2 are false.
D. Sentences 1 and 4 are true; sentences 2 and 3 are false.
E. The sentences are all true.

36. Gregory West summons:
A. a giant green-eyed creature
B. a giant red-eyed creature
C. a giant blue-eyed creature
D. a giant yellow-eyed creature, a la Scotty Farkus in "A Christmas Story"
E. What the @&%! are you talking about? He doesn't summon anything.


37. In which Season 1 episodes can you find the following places of business?

i. Gilly's Green Room
ii. Manhattan Storage Company
iii. The Hotel Real
iv. Jim Henry's Paradise
v. Cortez
vi. Lausinc

38. Which book will you be purchasing on your next trip to
A. "Andy Warhol: An Autobiography"
B. "Mary Tyler Moore: Biography of a Manic, Moody, Alcoholic, Diabetic Jewel"
C. "Gene Shallit Talks to Dorothy Michaels"
D. "Forgotten Gems from The Twilight Zone , Volume 1"
E. "Henry Fonda: My Life"
F. "A Book" by Desi Arnaz
G. D only.
H. "Connie Chung Talks to Gary Condit"

1. A ; 2. B ; 3. C ; 4. A ; 5. B; 6. F ; 7. G ; 8. C ; 9. B ;
10. D ; 11. D ; 12. D ; 13. A ; 14. D ; 15. B ; 16. C ; 17. B ; 18. C ;
19. D ; 20. A ; 21. C ; 22. C ; 23. D ; 24. B ; 25. A ; 26. B ; 27. A ;
28. D ; 29. A ; 30. C ; 31. E ; 32. B ; 33. D ; 34. E ; 35. D ; 36. B ; 38. D or G.

37. i. What You Need; ii. The Four of Us Are Dying ;
iii. The Four of Us Are Dying; iv. Execution; v. Where is Everybody; vi. Execution

Please add up the number of questions you got correct.

Evaluation of your score is based upon the number of questions you got correct:
1-9 = Watch only Season 1 DVDs or reruns;
10-18 = Keep watching Season 1 DVDs or reruns in addition to other seasons;
19-27 = You're a contender ;
28-31 = Helen Foley Master of Twilight Zone Education ;
32-35 = Somerset Frisby Honorary Doctor of Twilight Zone ;
36 or higher = Twilight Zone resident.

Thank you for playing! Stay tuned for Season 2 trivia.


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