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Convention 2004

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August 21 and 22, 2004
The Beverly Garland Holiday Inn
Hollywood, California

coordinated by Andrew Szym and Bill DeVoe

Special Thanks

Carol Summers
Tony & Cindy Albarella
Channing Humphries
Gloria Pall
James Tyson
BarBara Luna
Joji Oliveros, Beverly Garland's Holiday Inn
Marta & Steve Dawes
Earlene DeVoe and Julie Robbins
Barry Hoffman & Dara Campbell, Gauntlet Press
David Ondo
Leonard Lebow
Dan Khoury, Digital Supercolor Inc.
Allen Levin
Marc Moser
Steve Charendoff, Rittenhouse Archives Inc.
Kathy Hutchins, Hutchins Photo Inc.
Sideshow Toy, Inc.
Bobbie & Steve Dooley, Western Estates Homeowners Assn. of Southern California
Mavis Leonard and Pastor Bill Rennick, Joyful Union Congregation
Scott Kolden
Myron Ross, Heroes and Legends, Inc.
Herman Darvick
Eric Herrera
Ben Ohmart, Bear Manor Media Inc.
Don Coleman,
Bob the Printer
CNC Printing, Inc.


Charles Holloway
Guthy-Renker, Inc.
Elizabeth Leahy, Celebrity Consultants Inc.
Linda Delaney
Chris Roe, CR Management Inc.
Juliet Green, Juliet Green Managment
TV Guide
The Los Angeles Daily News
The Los Angeles Times
Classic Images
Sci-Fi Magazine, The Official Magazine of The Scifi Channel
ConTemporal Magazine
Big Reel Magazine
The Rod Serling Memorial Foundation


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