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A Stop at Willoughby - One of Rod's Best

Rod Serling had a few favorites of the episodes he penned - "The Trade Ins" was one of his favorites. He never liked "Walking Distance" - I think he was one of the very few - but "A Stop at Willoughby" was another fave that he thought turned out much better than its predecessor. Jason Wingreen, who played the present-day Conductor - has always called it one of the highest points of his long career in TV and film ("Archie Bunker's Place", "Matlock", ad inf.) "I knew there was a very special quality about it when we were filming it," he said. 50 years hence, it remains as fresh and original...and ultimately it was then. This photo was taken by Herman Darvick, and Jason Wingreen autographed it with a few of the Conductor's lines. The photo was taken in 2010 by Herman, with the intention of having Jason write the quote and sign it. A most unique and priceless item!


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