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Twilight Zone Posters

Cliff Robertson

"A Hundred Yards Over the Rim"

Anne Francis

"The After Hours"

Anne Francis and Elizabeth Allen

“The After Hours”

Elizabeth Allen and Anne Francis

Suzanne Lloyd

"Perchance to Dream"

Kevin McCarthy

"Long Live Walter Jameson"

Earl Hamner, Jr.

distinguished writer of 8 episodes

Russell Johnson and James Lydon

in "Back There"

George Clayton Johnson

distinguished writer of 8 episodes

Gig Young

"Walking Distance"

James Best

"The Grave", "The Last Rites of Jeff Myrtlebank", "Jess Belle"

Bill Mumy

"Long Distance Call", "It's a Good Life", "In Praise of Pip"

“The Midnight Sun”

featuring Lois Nettleton and Tom Reese

"The Midnight Sun" poster

Jack Klugman

"A Passage for Trumpet", "A Game of Pool",
"Death Ship, "In Praise of Pip"

Jack Klugman poster

A Nice Collectible

Can you identify all the signatures on this thing?!

A nice collectible from The Twilight Zone.

Another Nice Collectible

Another nice collectible from The Twilight Zone.

A Tribute to Edward Andrews

"Third From the Sun", "You Drive" (and much later, "Sixteen Candles" & "Gremlins")

Edward Andrews tribute.

This one hangs in my kitchen.

A Tribute to Constance Ford

Veteran Actress of Stage & Screen
Best known as Barbara Polk of Twilight Zone "Uncle Simon"

Constance Ford

This pictorial tribute is a partial representation of Constance Ford's early work in TV. The middle two shots are from Uncle Simon; the lower left shot is with Edmond O'Brien in Serling's "The Comedian" (Playhouse 90, 1957). The shots in the lower center and right are from Boris Karloff's "Thriller". The upper left and right photos are from an early episode of "Perry Mason" where she played a woman with a multiple personality disorder ("The Case of the Deadly Double"). In both "The Comedian" and "Thriller", she played characters named Connie - probably because the writers/producers found her work to be so convincing that they didn't bother changing her name. I did this tribute to Connie because she was simply one of the best actresses working in early television. She played bitches and nice women equally well.

Donna Douglas and Edson Stroll

“Eye Of The Beholder”

Eye of the Beholder poster

Art work for Suzanne Lloyd, James Best, Gig Young, Bill Mumy, Kevin McCarthy, Earl Hamner, George Clayton Johnson, "Midnight Sun," Jack Klugman posters, ©2006-2007, Dr. Dan Moreau. All Rights Reserved!

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